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SS PRO Waist Trainer by Smashing Shape: This is an effective waist-trimming tool. It takes your exercise to new heights and helps you burn the difficult tummy fat. The fabric is comfortable, and the belt itself is easy to put on. The belt does not do your body any harm. It seems like a sure-fire way to make your workout sessions more productive.



  1. Two reinforce bands with plain high tensile material
  2. Double compressed material with thickness up to 4mm
  3. Powerful shape bones with high flexible
  4. Four setting to protect lumbar and enhance fast burning.
  5. Produce under FDA certifications.
  6.  Made from comfortable neoprene material
  7. Stretchy neoprene fabric adjusts according to your size
  8. The easy to use Velcro straps lets you alter the size according to your liking
  9. Enhances your workouts
  10. Reduces lower back aches and spasms
  11. Dimensions: Front 9 inches, Back 9.2 inches.


Brief History:

Firm Control Waist Training — SS PRO Waist Trainer slimming waist trainer belt belly band body shaper wraps easily around your tummy tuck like a snatcher or waist cincher eraser, and provides adjustable firm compression around your abdomen and stomach. It gives you the hourglass curves instantly and can be used during work, daily outfit, workout, fitness or sauna.

Stimulate Fat Burn & Lose Weight — SS PRO Waist trainer belt shape wear is constructed with Flex-boning technology to work like a corset or waist cincher, with adjustable velcro closure waistband to enhance the compression around your tummy. The abs belly fat burning waist trimmer belt targets right at your mid-section makes you sweat during fitness workout and stimulates faster abdomen fat burning.

Post Pregnancy Body Shaper – Great garment for women looking for shaping your body after giving birth. Excellent choice as a postpartum belly wrap because it provides a firm support to your waist and flattens your tummy with an easily adjustable waist trimmer band.

Tummy Tuck & Back Support — Our best waist trimmer belt is very stretchy in the right places and provides tons of support on your sides and back. If you have lower back issues, our waist trainers, like a compression binder around the waist to offer lumbar support, help relieve pain and improve posture. Reduces Risk of Injury; Keep your muscles warm, Improve Posture, Stabilize Spine.

Comfortable Adjustable & Stretchy Fabrics — 100% stretchy neoprene finest fabric, which means it is easy to clean, fits to your body, and will not pitch or irritate your skin.

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